Needham’s Heather Yountz Part of Collective Boston Effort to Block Immigration Ban (Needham Times)

“What Lufthansa did truly was a humanitarian act,” she said. The immigration lawyer has been working around the clock with fellow attorneys to help individuals attempting to reach the United States while Mr. Trump’s immigration ban is temporarily suspended. “It’s been a real effort on the ground here working with people who have been denied access,” Yountz said. The effort extends beyond the law firm where Yountz works to several area attorneys who have been working in a volunteer capacity. “All of the lead attorneys are fielding dozens of phone calls a day,” said Yountz. Yountz estimated she has received over 100 phone calls in a single day from overseas travelers and their families – all seeking advice on how to reach the U.S.…more

Boston judge also puts hold on deportations (Boston Globe)

“The judge’s decision also ordered secondary screenings be limited to comply with the regulations in the executive order and that US Customs and Border Protection should notify airlines with incoming flights to Logan to ensure the court order is followed. Attorney Susan Church, who leads the New England chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, said the professors were released three hours later. The immigration lawyers and the ACLU of Massachusetts filed the lawsuit on the professors’ behalf.” ..more


Immigration Lawyer Susan Church Speaks at Logan Airport (Boston Globe)

Muslim Travel Ban: Winners, losers, and the rest of us (Boston Globe)

“An MIT student from Iran, Niki Rahmat, cried as she arrived at Logan Airport, as lead attorney Susan Church, left, greeted her.” ..more

Boston Judges Temporarily Block Trump Edict on Immigration (Boston Globe)

“It’s a great victory today,” said Susan Church, a lawyer who argued the case in court. “What’s most important about today is this is what makes America great, the fact that we have the rule of law.” …more

In Boston, a Late-Night Victory Against Trump’s Immigration Ban (The New Yorker)

“At 1:13 a.m., the lawyers were still standing around, trading cell-phone chargers and updates from colleagues elsewhere in the country. Church was waiting for her husband and law partner, Derege Demissie, to send a draft of the new order from home. The lawyers, though tired and at times almost frantic, seemed optimistic. “The law is on our side,” Rótolo said.” …more

Iranian Grandmother Granted Visa Before Travel Ban Arrives in Boston (Susan Church’s Interview on MSNBC)

“MSNBC: Susan, just one of those stories.  Any difficulties with those arriving that had difficulty after the executive order?

CHURCH: What we are seeing today are people who have tried two, three or four times to get into the United States and were prevented from getting here because of the Travel Ban.  An individual who traveled to Dohar, traveled back to Tehran, traveled to another country.” …more

Demissie and Church – Successfully Sue President Trump Over Immigration Ban (Boston Globe)

“President Donald J. Trump paused as he removed the cap from his pen, an executive order severely limiting immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations waiting on the desk before him.  It was Friday afternoon, and an oversize replica of the Medal of Honor hung on the Pentagon wall behind Trump.” …more

Demissie and Church, Boston Law Firm, Immigration

Boston-Area Academics Face Bans on Entering US (Boston Globe)

“Attorney Susan Church, who leads the New England chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, said the professors have since been released but the lawyers remained in court as midnight neared to try to ask a judge to issue an injunction to prevent US Customs and Border Protection from detaining or expelling someone from the United States based on Trump’s order.” …more

Conviction flags Portuguese mom for deportation (The Standard – Times)

“Eight days after giving birth to a little girl Edna Borges went for what she thought would be a routine appointment at the Department of Homeland Security.  Borges left her baby girl Juliana and her 2-year-old son with her mother and went for her check-in last Friday with immigration officials as she was required to do every three months….  Her attorney Susan Church will argue today that Borges is a perfect candidate to be allowed to stay in the United States and said she expected to gain Borges’ release and end her deportation process.  ´I feel strongly that we’re going to win it. We have a good chance´ Church said.” … more

Bill O’Reilly’s Review of Susan’s Appearance on the O’Reilly Factor Discussing Immigration

Some immigration activists contend that illegal aliens should be covered under any health care reform, and also want to kill a federal program under which local police report illegals to federal authorities. Juan asked attorney Susan Church, an advocate for illegal aliens, about that provision. “The question,” Church declared, “is whether local police should be spending their time trying to navigate the complicated legal field of immigration law. Lawyers and judges spend hours trying to find out what someone’s legal status is, so why should the police be doing that? Immigration law is a federal function.” … more

Susan Church’s Calls out Fox News for its Use of the Slur “Illegals” on the O’Reilly Factor

CROWLEY: Susan, we’re either a nation of laws or we’re not. So why is this administration, then, rewarding the illegal act of entering the country in violation of our laws?

SUSAN CHURCH, IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY: Well, first of all, it’s funny that you say the term 2 million, because there’s only 300,000 immigrants currently in deportation proceedings, and believe it or not, sometimes it’s actually difficult to get into deportation proceedings. So this only applies to an extremely small number of immigrants. Within that subset of 300,000, no one with any criminal history whatsoever will be included. …more

Litigious Lessor Loses a Big Case (

“FTC, class-action suits have targeted aggressive policies of office equipment lender.  Idorenyin E. Akpaffiong , a Nigerian immigrant who sells skin care products, thought she could boost sales with a machine that accepts credit card payments. She never thought the $700 machine would land her in court, damage her credit rating, and saddle her with a debt of more than $3,000.” …more

A Trinidadian Man Wins Immigration Case after Felony Conviction in the First Circuit Court of Appeals

The INS charged Herbert with being subject to removal from the United States under 8 U.S.C. § 1227(a)(2)(A)(iii) on the grounds that he had been convicted of an aggravated felony and sentenced to at least a year in prison…here the agency acted arbitrarily and capriciously in denying the motion to reopen.   The circumstances in this case were in fact exceptional. …Accordingly, we grant the petition, vacate the denial of the motion to reopen, and remand to the agency with directions that Herbert be permitted to present his claims for cancellation of removal. …more

Listen to a podcast of Susan’s immigration law debate on Madison, Wisconsin’s 1670 WTDY radio.